Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Berlin Zoo Director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz Nearly Has Finger Bitten Off By Chimpanzee Pedro

ITN News Report From Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo director, Bernhard Blaszkiewitz, nearly had his right index finger bitten off after offering a walnut to Pedro the chimpanzee. Blaszkiewitz underwent an 8-hour operation to reattach the finger but it became infected.

Pedro is the dominant chimpanzee at Berlin Zoo, and may have been demonstrating his dominance to the rest of the chimpanzee group at the time of the attack.

Berlin Zoo is also famous for having the polar bear Knut who was born in captivity in 2006.

Knut Debut at Berlin Zoo 2007
[Photo by Jensk369 (Jens Koßmagk) Wikipedia]

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